Grapes used:

100% Chardonnay.


Great care goes into choosing the day of harvest, taking into account different parameters which help determine the best quality of the wine.


The same care goes into harvesting the grapes, so that they can be brought to the cellar, perfectly intact, in the shortest possible time.
The immediate and soft pressing lets us obtain a first must which, brought by simple racking to a suitable clarity, will ferment at a controlled temperature (16-18°C).
Once the wine has been obtained, it will undergo a series of rackings, and only in spring will it be bottled for the relative prise de mousse.

Maturation and ageing:

The Saten will remain in the cellar for a minimum of 24 months, after which it will undergo the necessary dégorgement, and only after a few months will it be placed on the market.

Sensory profile:

It provides a delicate and light sparkle with countless persistent bubbles, and a gentle and enveloping aroma; the taste is elegant, fruity and soft.

Alcohol content:

12,50% vol.