Grapes used:

10% Pinot Noir vinified in red
25% Pinot Noir vinified in white
65% Chardonnay

NOTE: for the Rosé, the production specification requires a minimum of 35% Pinot Noir grapes.


The Pinot Noir grapes are partly destemmed, and the must ferments for a few days in contact with their skins.
The Chardonnay grapes are softly pressed and the must, once clear, ferments in steel tanks.

Maturation and ageing:

The bottles will be kept in stacks, in a horizontal position for the correct prise de mousse, and will remain there for a minimum of 24 months.

Sensory profile:

 It has a slightly pinkish colour, with a very distinct sparkle and head, a fine persistent perlage, and a fruity aroma and flavour.

Alcohol content:

12% vol.