Grapes used:

90% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot Noir.


The whole and perfectly intact grapes undergo light pressing; the must obtained, once almost clear, is fermented in steel tanks at a controlled temperature.
In spring, after several rackings, the wine will be bottled for the prise de mousse.

Maturation and ageing:

The Extra Brut will remain in the cellar for at least 24 months, in the appropriate stacks.
The storage temperature is constantly monitored and maintained at around 16°C.
The wine will then be put on the market no earlier than 30 months.

Sensory profile:

It provides an abundant fizz that is consumed uniformly in a few seconds; the numerous small bubbles released help the aroma to be perceived, so the wine does not need to be swirled in the glass. It has a dry fruity flavour with delicate evolving notes.

Alcohol content:

12,50 % vol.