Grapes used:

100% Chardonnay


Normally one or two days earlier than the other types, the grapes are placed in small boxes and immediately brought to the cellar.


The whole and perfectly intact grapes undergo light pressing; the must obtained, once almost clear, is fermented in steel tanks at a controlled temperature.
In spring, after several rackings, the wine will be bottled for the prise de mousse.

Maturation and ageing:

The Brut will remain for a minimum of 18 months in the cellar, where the temperature is constantly monitored. Dégorgement will take place no earlier than 24-30 months.

Sensory profile:

It is abundantly sparkling, the bubbles are quite lively and numerous, while the fragrant aroma is almost reminiscent of bread crust, standing out against the fresh, sharp taste.

Alcohol content:

12,50% vol.